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We deliver award-winning events, weekly wellbeing  social groups and educational ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)  classes for migrant women and women whose English is a second language. The aim is to supporrt women promoting positive wellbeing, connect, make friends, have fun and feel like they have found a place they can call home. 
From delivering ESOL lessons to hosting craft, cooking, dance and yoga sessions… at the heart of everything we do, we celebrate culture, heritage and diversity – building bridges of confidence and resilience as multicultural women in the community.
We call Manchester, UK, our home – but we have a global reach. Speak to us to see how we can work together.

Our Services


We have sessions on different types of arts and crafts promoting creativity, concentration, learning a new skill and promoting wellbeing.

Social activities

We are a network of ethnic minorities women. We meet to socialise and improve our wellbeing, making new friends and developing new skills.


We support your wellbeing. We offer group sessions and 1:1 peer support through mindfulness, exercise, cooking, & arts. We create new networks and friendships.

Creative ESOL

We want to work with English language learners to support and develop their skills and knowledge, finding confidence to communicate and celebrate their skills.

Celebrating the cultural diversity of women in Manchester

Since 2015 our community group Language Library started.  Our work has developed into  Globe Wellbeing Communities, a social enterprise community organisation that supports women’s wellbeing, promoting diversity, awareness  of culture,  acceptance of multiculturalism and community cohesion.

We do this by sharing our stories, life experiences, challenges, life inequalities and stigma  generating new friendships, wellbeing support and a new supportive network. 

Also, we do this by supporting people learning English to thrive in the community by making new connections , developing  the English  Language and grow in confidence with communication skills through the vehicle of food and every women’s Kitchen.

We write stories, through creative writing workshops . To create this stories we work on art, music, theatre, cooking, dance and exercise. we write and tell stories to break down barriers and promote acceptance and awareness of  multiculturalism.  We have created a podcast Out of Place.

We work in partnership with Bluesci Support (an NHS-commissioned service).

Our integrated universal programmes aid inclusion and help fulfil the life of multicultural women in the UK today.


It is good to raise awareness to show the culture of Africa and what it means to be a black woman in the UK. The more we know and understand the more we come together in inclusion. #SharingPositiveFeelings #SharingTraditionalEthiopianCoffeeAndBread
From Ethiopia

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Diversity makes us beautiful meme

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What we do…

Globe Wellbeing Communities delivers award-winning events, weekly wellbeing activities and English classes (Creative ESOL) for migrant women. 

We want to make you feel at home! by helping you to make friends, create new networks ,  build confidence and feel that you have found a place that you can call home.

Meet our founder

Globe Wellbeing Communities has been shaped by my own experience of moving to a new country and dealing with the challenges that this presents: from forming friendships to feeling at home in an unfamiliar place. 

It is important for women from all backgrounds to find a place to belong and, as a migrant woman, you need to create your own ‘family’ by making friends with people who share your experiences and understands you. 

Sometimes we need our networks and friendships to find support and feel less lonely.

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