Globe Wellbeing Communities

Globe Wellbeing Communities is an umbrella for Multicultural Women’s Wellbeing Group, Globe Community Fest and Community ESOL Class. The Globe Wellbeing Communities was started by Sol Diaz who is the Wellbeing Practitioner and Project Manager. Through the Globe Wellbeing Communities, cultural diversity, traditions and heritage, social inclusion, friendship and wellbeing are being promoted. 


Wellbeing For Every Woman

How We Got Started

Globe Wellbeing Communities is wellbeing group initiative started by Wellbeing Practitioner Sol Diaz. Sol runs the Multicultural Women’s Wellbeing Group at Coppice Library and Wellbeing Centre and Broomwood Community and Wellbeing Centre.

Sol is passionate about empowering social change, identity, social inclusion, social change and diversity within our personal and social encounters. This festival will bring people together with food from around the world, music from around the world building on legacies from around the world to celebrate cultural diversity, equality and unity in the local community. This is the first of a series of festivals that we hope to expand in size and reputation as we continue this journey of promoting awareness and acceptance of multiculturalism as well as positive attitudes towards mental health and wellbeing. 


How You Can Become A Sponsor

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