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Creative ESOL

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How and why was ESOL created?

We wanted  to work with English language learners to develop and support  their skills. We also wanted to recognise their valuable knowledge with English and equally with their own  tradition, celebrating culture and providing a platform to learn, communicate with confidence and enrich their lives with independence, finding their own voice and improving skills.

The way we do this  is by supporting people learning English  in their communities and making social connections by supporting participants with their communication skills and developing English language . We do this  through our Creative ESOL programme and Food from Around the World, World Kitchen, cooking, learning together and socialising!

Since 2015 we have delivered ESOL classes with cooking  in Trafford, Manchester UK to many . Our classes and sessions have supported people into employment,  speaking with confidence , being accepted in colleges or universities,  better communication skills, supporting children with homework and being independent to speak English.

We have yet to share our cookbooks filled with recipes, women’s stories and the traditions behind the dish combining English as a skill and communication as a narrative.

What is ESOL?

English for Speakers of Other Languages, or ESOL, refers to learning English as a new resident in a English -speaking country or as a non-native English speaker.

As an ESOL student, you can learn and develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the English language and validating your  knowledge of  English.

Improving and learning ESOL can help you to enrich your life in so many ways. Some examples of how we have improved skills on the ESOL programme:

•  Speaking English in your community

•  Improved job/work opportunities

•  Helping and supporting your children with their school work

•  Developing into a new career or social enterprise

• Accessing college or university

Most recently we had finished an online programme through the European Union and the ESF fund . The aim of this programme was to develop English as a skill and communicate in confidence.

In addition, we are so proud to tell the good news to everyone that we are in partnership with Trinity College London, as a registered organisation. We have been awarded to  support you with UK ESOL Skills for Life qualification. Contact us for more details.

So, if you are you a migrant, a non-English speaker or you find it difficult to learn English, please contact us and we will support you.

Our Creative ESOL Class helps and support women to learn and to develop their  English skills  in a supportive space  and allows you to make new friends at the same time!

Learning structure sentences

Game at Creative ESOL class

Our classes remain local in the Manchester area and are focused on daily life.

Through Creative ESOL Classes, we want to empower students to learn and improve their English skills in a community setting, enhancing communication skills and growing independence.


We have developed a podcast at our ESOL sessions.
Listen to some of the stories!
The Creative ESOL English Language Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

Your local class

We deliver sessions  weekly, term time , structured classes covering the four main elements of the ESOL curriculum:

• reading

Our English languages classes develop your skills and communication to help you  start with your learning journey.

"I want to learn while my children are at school. If it’s local is better, I have to pick my children from school."
ESOL Learner
Sri Lanka