How it all started?

Globe Community Fest is a festival initiated by community worker Sol Diaz. Sol currently runs the Multicultural Women’s Group at Coppice Library and Wellbeing Centre and Broomwood Community and Wellbeing Centre.

Sol is passionate about empowering social change, identity, social inclusion, social change and diversity within our personal and social encounters. This festival will bring people together with food from around the world, music from around the world building on legacies from around the world to celebrate cultural diversity, equality and unity in the local community. This is the first of a series of festivals that we hope to expand in size and reputation as we continue this journey of promoting awareness and acceptance of multiculturalism as well as positive attitudes towards mental health and wellbeing. 



GLOBE COMMUNITY FEST invites women, their families and the community beyond to participate and communicate their ways of living and being. We believe this is both extraordinary and valuable. A festival like this where languages, faiths and voices can be celebrated with families through food, drink, music, dance and art is an opportunity to have fun but also to get involved organising and creating stronger connections to their local community. It is also a chance to expose, educate and talk about issues that affect all of us, and a chance for people within the local community to learn more or find out more about other organisations,how they can get involved with, or how they can help them.

There has been no other such festival that has taken place in this area and we have sought advice and opinions of people working in and around Sale West, especially in the local community, that think this would be a really unique and exciting way of beginning to build resilience and relationships in the face of adversity in the year of 2019.

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GLOBE COMMUNITY FEST is always a vibrant, exciting and a NEW date out for all members and we will be including the following:

    • Food from around the world
    • Live music from local artists and musicians
    • Unique Art and Music Workshops for young people and children
    • Wellbeing stalls (hand massage)
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Rides and entertainment for children
    • Spanish Dances, The Mariachis a sonata from Mexico, a local band from Timperley, Morris dancers “Northern Gems”, Bollywood Dances and around the world dancers
    • *Parade of celebration*
      12pm we will meet at the gates of St. Margaret’s School with flags from around the world to parade celebrating diversity to the grounds of Sale West to open the Festival.
    • One of the Sponsors Unltd considered the event held in 2019 as a successful first-time event held in Sale West celebrating cultural diversity.

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