Meet our Founder

Meet our Founder
Multicultural Women’s Wellbeing Group celebrating a birthday with Sol, centre right

Why Sol Diaz started Globe Wellbeing Communities

Globe Wellbeing Communities was founded in Manchester, England and has been shaped by my own experience of moving to a new country and dealing with the challenges that this presents: from forming friendships to feeling at home in an unfamiliar place. 

It is important for women from all backgrounds to find a place to belong and, as a migrant woman, you need to create your own ‘family’ by making friends and connect with people who share your experiences., the value of acceptance and similar journeys that we all go through when moving to another country.  

I have lived in other countries before moving to the UK , I have travelled and learned through observation and by meeting and connecting with people from all walks of life, from tribes, cities, bedouin, vulnerable and what society labels the normal as a concept. Everyone has a story to tell, wants to connect and most important wants to be heard. After this experience I found my passion on Wellbeing, listening to people and bring awareness of their stories and tradition.

Over the past ten years of doing this work, I’ve seen incredible bonds made between women and in Globe Wellbeing Communities who are all far from family, home and from their cultures and traditions.

Originally from Argentina, I moved to the UK nearly twenty years ago, and it was really hard – I wanted to leave at first!

Sol Diaz – Founder of Globe Wellbeing Communities

I moved to the Lake District to do work experience, needing a new direction and chapter in my life. I lived in other countries in the past always working in communities supporting vulnerable women and children. My English was not as good as it is now: I studied English in Argentina, but it’s not the same when communicating to native speakers! 

I found it difficult to find friends , I felt isolated and nowhere to turn to in times of need. I then started to meet other women in different groups and through my son’s school.

I then started as a Centre Coordinator at the Multicultural Forum in Barrow In Furness. We host many social events with the aim to come together and make friends. We held social events, meetings, themed activities, parties and celebrated diversity. We also host Eid, Easter, Christmas and Diwali to promote culture and integration.

After my experience working at the Multicultural Forum I was inspired to start Globe Wellbeing Communities, which is now a social enterprise based in Trafford, Greater Manchester, adding social value in the community.

We delivered an award-winning event “Globe Community Fest”, celebrating culture and diversity in the community. in Sale in 2019 and we had 300 participants on our first event!

Multicultural Women’s Wellbeing Group celebrating and sharing food from around the world.

Our well established “Multicultural Women’s Wellbeing Group”, a wellbeing group for BAME (Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic) women from around the world meets weekly. Our members meet to make friends, have fun and feel like they have found a place they can call home, a place to belong. We share cultural traditions, heritage and diversity through arts and crafts, walks, dance classes, yoga  and get creative at our cooking sessions from around the world. We also deliver group Wellbeing sessions and 1:1 peer support promoting positive wellbeing.

We also deliver ESOL through our programme Creative ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) to build and develop English skills , to flourish in confidence and resilience; ,finding own’s voice in decision making and choices breaking down barriers and stigma for women whose first language is not English.

At the heart of everything we do, we celebrate culture, heritage and diversity – building bridges of confidence and resilience as multicultural women in the community.

Our aim is to work in global communities across the UK and afar; bringing together different languages and cultures to enable migrant women to form bonds and tackle migrant issues such as loneliness and low confidence.

Get in touch with us to see how Globe Wellbeing Communities  could support women in your area: 

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