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Multicultural Women's Wellbeing Group

Do you feel isolated?

Do you want to meet women from around the world?

Do you want to improve your wellbeing?

We promote positive wellbeing for every woman in the community

The Multicultural Women’s Wellbeing Group is a community group for every woman from around the world. 

 Join us on a Journey around the globe!

We celebrate the diversity, traditions and cultures of women living across Manchester – and around the globe.

How we started

Our  Multicultural Women’s Wellbeing Group is a wellbeing group for BAME (Black Asian, Minority, Ethnic) women from around the world that  meets weekly. We meet weekly to support your wellbeing through group meetings, 1:1 peer support , connect and create new friendships. 

The Multicultural Wellbeing Women’s  Group started as a grassroots community group set up by Sol Diaz on the 8th March 2016, celebrating the universally known International Women’s Day. Sol said: “I chose it as a significant day to celebrate women all over the world.”


What do we do?

“Attending the group is the highlight of my week, I look forward to every Wednesday to socialise and meet new people while learning something new.”
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Multicultural Women's Group

The Multicultural Wellbeing Women’s Group started with “A Journey Around the World”, an creative idea inviting women to join and start conversations of our journeys, to talk about ourselves, share  culture,  our experiences, awareness  and  self care.

We celebrate cultural diversity and integration promoting positive wellbeing, building resilience, friendship and peer to peer support. We work very hard to reduce the challenges of inequalities and stigma that are present in some communities.

Member quote, “attending the group is the highlight of my week, I look forward to every Wednesday to socialise and meet new people while learning something new” 

We talk about our group Home, because it nurtures a sense of belonging, inclusion, social cohesion and a place where we feel at home. 

We provide different activities and workshops of health and wellbeing such as, cooking, happiness and wellbeing workshops, 1:1 support, wellbeing group support, dance, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and Arts and crafts. 

How do I join in?

• Self-refer, refer yourself 

Come along with a friend 

Organisations and other networks

Other provisions 

Speak to us today! 

We are passionate about supporting and empowering women from ethnic minorities to develop their language skills that will improve their confidence, achieve independence and develop their own voice. 

(the pay it forward approach) within our groups, workshops and networks creating cross multiculturalism and community inclusion in diverse societies. 

This group provides a safe space for women from diverse cultural backgrounds to meet, talk, share food and create lasting social networks .

We are most proud of the concept of person centred approach, we believe that every woman and participant is at the centre of what we do as an organisation. We pride and value on compassion, friendship, social integration

How we develop

Our groups provide social networks, wellbeing sessions and programmes including:

 Wellbeing group support
 1:1 peer support
 Happy Minds workshop 
• arts & crafts
• yoga
• Pilates
• dancing
• cooking
• creative writing,  telling stories from around the world.

This is an ideal opportunity for every woman to improve their health & wellbeing through:

• volunteering
• mindfulness
• podcast development
• making new friendships
• improving confidence
• boosting happiness
• focusing on health

Celebrating culture and wellbeing

Culture and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do. We improve wellbeing by meeting weekly in our wellbeing workshops creating  positive social networks,  celebrating culture, heritage and diversity building confidence and resilience and promoting social inclusion among multicultural women in the community. 

We are an ethnic minority group in Manchester, England with services in Sale and Timperley. (Trafford)

Learning together

We have been teaching women English Language skills since September 2015, and found there was a demand from participants for more development surrounding wellbeing, crafts and other social activities.

From the regular meetings of the Group, female members decided that there was so much more they could do for each other and for other women, that would meet identified but unfulfilled needs of the community.

ESOL programmes are so valuable for ethnic minorities new arrivals to the UK and to those participants who are in the communities and had a little confidence and / or the initiative to access ESOL to improve their lives. 

We support women for whom English is not their first language to develop their skills to enable them to lead fulfilling and inclusive lives. 

Through our delivery of Creative ESOL lessons we teach daily community activities so that you can reach independence, have an active voice in the community, learn English and have fun while making new friends and learning English in everyday life. 

Community ESOL empowers students to learn and improve their English skills in a community setting, enhancing communication skills and growing independence. 

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What we do



Social activities


Our sessions

We meet every Tuesday in term time between 11am and 12pm at Broomwood Community and Wellbeing Centre.

We meet every Wednesday in term time between 11am and 1pm at Coppice Library and Wellbeing Centre.

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How do I join?

Get in touch on by emailing or call 07853 659602.

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